Spring is on its way…..


From the Ayurvedic viewpoint, interesting things happen within your body as winter gives way to spring and then spring give way to summer.

As spring progresses, the cold, slow, heavy and sticky qualities of Kapha Dosha, that build up during late winter, gradually melt away and this often results in upper respiratory problems, colds and runny noses, and later, allergies, hay fever and asthma during September, October and November. Springtime supports the body’s natural elimination process and cleansing routines are highly effective during this time.

Due to variable weather, spring can be a complex time for your body. Some suggest that its actually three seasons – Sprinter in late winter early spring, true spring in the middle and Sprummer in late spring, early summer. But one day it can be hot and sunny, which increases Pitta Dosha; the next day it can be cold and rainy, which increases Kapha. Since variability is one of the qualities of Vata, all these rapid weather changes (plus the cold, windy weather often experienced in spring) can put Vata Dosha out of balance.

As we approach the hotter months of December, January and February, Kapha decreases and Pitta increases. These environment changes necessitate a change in diet and behaviour.

During Springtime sweet, sour and salty foods that stimulate Kapha should be reduced and pungent, bitter and astringent foods favoured. But as the weather heats up, your body’s needs change and you should favour foods that prevent the build-up of Pitta.

Be prepared, now is the time to supercharge your diet and lifestyle with Pitta balancing products.
Try Pitta Massage Oil for your whole body, Pitta Shower Gel for when you shower, or sipping some Organic Pitta Tea throughout the day to kickstart the change. Another idea is to add some Pitta Spice Mix to your food to ensure that you avoid the gradual build up of excess Pitta in your system.


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For more detailed and personalised information book a consultation with a qualified Maharishi Ayurveda practitioner about what diet and routine is best at this time. Such consultations are especially important if you are concerned about any underlying health problems.

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