Aroma Oils         

** Please note that there are limited stocks of Aroma Oil at this time, due to raw material supplies from Eastern Europe. **

Achieve personal balance with essential oils. The essences of flowers and plants have been used in holistic healing traditions such as ayurveda for centuries. The sense of smell is a quick-acting, powerful means of creating balance.

Our therapeutic aroma oils are precise blends of 100% pure essential oils, diffuse them through lockets or diffusers, combine 5-10 drops per 60 mL. of your base massage oil, or add a few drops to your bathwater for a fragrant healing experience you will cherish long after you have left the bath.

Pure essential oils are endowed by nature with exquisite fragrances.
Blending the right oils in the right amounts creates a unique scent that is more than the sum of its parts – a Maharishi AyurVeda aroma oil blend.
Maharishi AyurVeda aroma oil blends are designed to lift your spirits, balance mind and body and raise your sense of harmony and well-being to a new peak.

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