Autumn is Vata Season

Autumn is Vata season. As the hot weather of summer changes to the cooler, changeable weather of Autumn the qualities of Vata increase in the environment and our physiology. Now is the perfect time to begin to pacify Vata.

In Vata season, one of the most important and easy things to do is to keep warm. Often as the weather suddenly becomes colder, if we are unprepared, we can get a chill (eg cold draughts).
This is initially a Vata imbalance then Kapha comes to strengthen the body with congestion of a cold or flu
When Vata is balanced, we feel enthusiastic about what we do, we think fast and clearly, we are imaginative, sensitive and lively and we have energy to complete what we’re doing.

Prevention is always better than cure so this is the time when it is best to:

  •  Keep warm in a warm room, wearing warm clothes, wear a hat to keep your head warm, and a warm bed to sleep in.
  •  Follow the dietary advice for the season: warm food and drink, favour foods that pacify vata – more oil, sweet sour and salty tastes with less light dry, bitter, astringent, pungent or cold food.
  •  Drink Vata Tea   TranquiliTea, Slumbertime Tea, Organic Almond Energy Drink Rajas Cup and use Vata Spice Blend in colling. 
  •  Indulge yourself with Vata Shower Gel  after your Vata Oil Massage ,  and try our the Vata Shampoo  for your hair.
  • Have more rest and meditate regularly.
  • Go to bed on time and follow a good daily routine.

Common Vata imbalances:  Colds, insomnia, sleep disturbances, worry and anxiety, scattered feeling and thinking, over active mind, difficult elimination, variable digestion, tiredness, lack of stamina, dry, rough skin and dry cracking joints, etc.

However, if you get a cold, favour a Kapha pacifying diet to reduce the congestion.
Drink Kapha Tea, use Kapha Spice mix in your cooking or sprinkle on your food, drink Sniffle Free tea, MP 16 and MA 634, Rajas Cup is also good for pacifying your Kapha imbalance.


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