Free Radicals

What are the anti-oxidant benefits of Raja’s Cup?
Raja’s Cup is an anti-oxidant with 300 times the power of vitamins C and E.

What are free radicals and how can I stop them?
Maharishi Ayurveda and modern medicine alike tell us that free radicals are rogue cells that spread throughout the body damaging our healthy cells. Free radicals quicken the ageing process and can lead to serious diseases. Maharishi Ayurveda Raja’s Cup is an anti-oxidant 300 times more powerful than vitamin C or E, and creates an effective resistance to free radicals. For more information on Raja’s Cup and free radicals see the Maharishi Ayurveda Article Delivery Service.

Does Raja’s Cup contain any artifical ingredients?
Raja’s Cup contains no caffeine, artificial flavouring or other unhealthy ingredients.

What can foods do to prevent free radicals?
Eating certain foods can enhance your body’s ability to cope with, and neutralize, free radicals (which cause serious diseases such as cancer). An excellent (and great-tasting) food that does this is panir. Panir is easy to digest and full of nutrition. Panir is available from most Indian grocery stores. If you can’t find ready-made panir, get the recipe from the Maharishi Ayurveda Article Delivery Service, and you will receive the recipe for making it yourself. Panir is great with all types of cooked vegetables, so toss it in while you cook the vegetables.

What are phytochemicals and where do I get them?
Phytochemicals, naturally occurring in vegetables, can assist in controlling free radicals by preventing free radicals from starting cancer, and protecting the DNA from free radical damage. To make the most of your veggies, Ayurveda recommends eating a variety of them, eating at mid-day when digestion is strongest, and cooking vegetables (rather than eating them raw) for easier digestion.

Which grains are good free radical fighters?
Ayurveda tells us that whole grains are healthier than processed grains. This is because whole grains retain fiber, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, lignans, phenolic acids and other phytochemicals while processed grains can lose some of their goodness. This combination of healthy properties found in whole grains aids greatly in the prevention and control of free radicals in the body. So next time you’re buying bread, give whole grains a thought.

Which green vegetables are good free radical fighters?
Ayurveda tells us that green leafy foods are excellent at getting rid of nasty things such as free radicals. This group includes bok choy, collard greens, kale, mustard greens, sorrel, spinach, swiss chard and turnip greens among many others.

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