Staying Cool

Should I drink ice-cold drinks to cool down?
In the summer heat waves we can all agree that a cold drink is very refreshing. According to Ayurveda, cooling Pitta during the summer is good, but ice cold drinks are not. This is because ice cold drinks put out Agni (the digestive fire), which hampers digestion.

Ayurveda recommends cooling Pitta Tea, which has the same effect, but without putting out the digestive fire. This can be taken warm or cool (depending on your taste).

What can I drink on a hot day to keep tempers in check?
As temperatures soar in summer, our tempers can tend to get a bit shorter. This is a natural reaction to heat, but can be pacified by pacifying the Pitta dosha. An excellent way to do this is to sip some warm or cool (depending on your taste) Pitta Tea throughout the day.

What fruit drink can I have to cool down?
An excellent way to balance Pitta this summer is with a tasty fruit smoothie.
Blend some fresh fruits such as pineapple, watermelon or cucumber with water or fresh milk, or lassi, to your taste.

What should I bring with me when I go out in summer?
As we go out to enjoy the summer sun, we should remember to keep hydrated in the summer heat. An excellent way to do this, and keep our Pitta dosha balanced, is to take a flask of Pitta Tea with you, or some Pitta Spice Blend (Sometime called Churna) to sprinkle on your lunch. Maharishi Ayurveda Spice Blends taste great on just about any food, and are a great way to keep balanced and cool.

What aggravates Pitta in summer?
Certain foods, such as tomatoes, cheese or anything that is sour or spicy-hot, increase and aggravate Pitta. During the summer time it is ever important that we pacify Pitta. Sprinkling Maharishi Ayurveda Pitta Spice Blend on spicy food is an easy way to keep Pitta dosha in balance.

What foods can I eat to cool Pitta down?
A Pitta pacifying diet includes foods that have cooling properties, such as sweet fruit like melons or grapes; vegetables such as asparagus, cucumber, broccoli, and zucchini; and milk, butter or ghee (clarified butter).

What herbs/spices can I use to cool down Pitta?
To pacify Pitta favour cooling foods and cook them with cooling herbs and spices such as mint, cardamom, coriander and fennel.

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