Milk and Ayurveda

What healthy drink can I have with milk?
For a special treat, mix a spoonful of Maharishi Ayurveda Almond Energy drink mix in a cup of milk for a sweet, cooling summer drink.

How can milk help my sleep?
Ayurveda recommends a warm cup of milk before bed to settle the nervous system for a deep sleep. Alternatively, try Maharishi Ayurveda Slumber Time Tea.

How should I boil milk?

We all have heard the benefits of milk, for example calcium for the bones, and it has become an important part of a healthy diet. Ayurveda recommends warm milk, prepared in a special formula:

Boil the milk in a pot rather than in a microwave. Let the milk get hot enough to foam, then lower the heat so the milk is on a slow boil.
Let it continue like this for roughly 5 to 10 minutes.
Then sweeten, or for an extra energy boost, use a teaspoon of Maharishi Ayurveda Almond Energy drink mix, and consume.

Are there any foods to avoid when consuming milk?
Ayurveda tells us that milk should not be mixed or consumed with foods that are salty, bitter, astringent, pungent or sour. Doing so can result in the curdling of your meal, creating Ama (impurities which cause later health problems) and in some cases nausea.

This means that meals cooked with milk and fish or meat should be avoided, as these are incompatible with milk, and cause a build-up of Ama.

What foods are favourable when consuming milk?

The best foods to combine with milk are those that have predominantly sweet tastes, such as Maharishi Ayurveda Almond Energy drink mix.

How can I ease milk into my diet?

We have seen the advantages of drinking milk, but research shows many of us do not have our recommended intake, or even none at all.
Ayurveda recommends easing our way into drinking milk. Start by drinking 1/8 of a cup of boiled milk (prepared as discussed in Maharishi Ayurveda Tip of the Week newsletter 4/2/05) with a bit of ginger.
Over the next ten days, gradually increase the amount you drink until you are having a full cup every day.

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