Meal Timings

At what time should I eat my meals?
Ayurveda recommends the following ideal meal times:

Breakfast: 9:00 AM
Lunch: 12:00 Noon
Supper: 6:00 PM

To help in weight loss and keeping balanced, Ayurveda does not recommend eating between meals, as this can cause ama in the digestive system

How many meals per day should I eat?
Ayurveda recommends eating three meals per day. One in the morning, midday and evening.

Will skipping meals help in weight loss?
Ayurveda recommends eating three meals a day; skipping meals creates imbalances which do not help in weight loss. Following an ideal Ayurvedic diet will help you reach your natural weight.

Are there ceratin foods that should not be eaten after a certain time of day?
Ayurveda recommends against eating dairy products after sunset. This is because the digestive fire weakens after this time and dairy products will tend to curdle in your stomach and create ama.

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