Balancing Vata

Why do I need to balance Vata dosha in Autumn?
The change of Summer to Autumn in Ayurveda means movement and flow from one stage to another. Motion and flow indicate involvement of Vata dosha. It is therefore important to pay attention to balancing Vata during this time. Hearing and touch are the primary senses of Vata.

When Vata is balanced, we feel enthusiastic about what we do, we think fast and clearly, we are imaginative, sensitive and lively and we have energy to complete what we’re doing.

When Vata is out of balance, we feel worried and anxious, our energy is variable, sometimes high and sometimes low, we can have constipation or gas, and we can have trouble falling asleep at night and don’t sleep as well as we need to.

Balance Vata by sipping Organic Vata Tea and by sprinkling Vata Spice Blend mix on your food. Eat warm cooked foods and keep meal times regular.

Give yourself an oil massage (abhyanga) with Vata Massage Oil and take a long relaxing warm bath. Listen to soothing music like Gandharva Veda Rain Melody.

Have a regular bedtime routine, with an early bedtime to ensure plenty of rest.

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