What doshas are responsible for acne?
Acne is usually caused by Vata and Kapha imbalances.
If the skin is too oily, it aggravates moisture balance (Kapha).
The pores clog up which aggravates circulation (Vata).
Impurities accumulate in the blood. This manifests itself as acne.

Should I pick at acne and attempt to remove it by force?
Avoid touching acne as it may cause a secondary infection by contact.

Which seasoning should I use to stop acne?
Ayurveda recommends that you use cumin, tumeric and ginger in you cooking to help stop acne.

What foods should I favour and reduce to stop acne?
To stop acne Ayurveda recommends that you favour fresh, light and warm foods, while reducing your intake of heavy, oily and cold foods.

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