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Powerful Anti-Oxidant Coffee Substitute

Authentic and traditional Ayurvedic herbal formula that nourishes the whole body and protects against stress.

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** Currently out of stock **

Powerful Anti-Oxidant Coffee Substitute and the Drink of the Vedic Royalty

Authentic traditional ayurvedic herbal formula that nourishes the whole body and protects against stress.

 Thousands of years ago, in ancient India, the Vedic Royalty drank a formula to keep them balanced, strong and healthy in both mind and body.  Raja’s Cup means “Drink of the Royalty”, and is the ancient formula restored in all its glory.
This coffee substitute is a precise blend of four potent herbs — Clearing Nut, Kasmard, Licorice and Winter Cherry and this time-tested beverage helps promote well-being and vitality; clear the channels of circulation and respiration; enhance metabolism and remove  impurities and phlegm.
Ideal for those wishing to reduce caffeine in their diet, but continue to enjoy the taste of a rich roasted flavour similar to coffee.
Grain-free, it can be sweetened with milk, honey, almond energy or sugar to anyone’s taste.
According to research conducted at Ohio Medical School (published in Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behaviour, vol. 43), Raja’s Cup has hundreds of times more anti-oxidant power than vitamin C or E.

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