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Choose products according to personal needs. When choosing products with a view to balancing your doshas, keep in mind the following general principles: Vata products have the effect of calming (if feeling restless, edgy), Pitta products have the effect of cooling (if feeling anger, frustration), Kapha products have the effect of energising (if lethargic or congested).

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Enjoy balance in mind and body with essential oils. The essences of flowers and plants have been used in holistic healing traditions such as ayurveda for centuries. Our Ayurvedic aroma oils are precise blends of pure essential oils – diffuse them through lockets or diffusers, combine a few drops with your base massage oil, or add a few drops to your bathwater for a fragrant healing and refreshing experiance.

Our range of aroma oils include:

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha
  • Breathe Easy
  • Bend Easy
  • Blissful Joy
  • Calm Temples
  • Di-Gest
  • Emotional Strength


  • Keen Mind
  • Muscle Rest
  • Peace of Mind
  • Radiant Skin
  • Smooth Cycle
  • Sweet Sleep (Nidra)
  • Vitality
  • Sub-Dosha Aromas
Keen Mind Aroma


We have a great selection of books dealing with Maharishi Ayurveda, natural health & healing, reversal of aging, genetic engineering, and meditation and Vedic cooking.
Here are some titles:

Our range of books include:

  • The Ageless Woman
  • For a Blissful Baby
  • Awakening Natures Intelligence
  • Heavens Banquet


  • A Women’s Best Medicine
  • Living Saint
  • Freedom from Disease
  • All Love Flows to the Self
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