Keeping cool this Christmas

Keeping cool this Christmas is easy using the Maharishi Ayurveda Pitta range of products.
Indulge yourself in Pitta Skin Cream or Body Lotion, add Pitta Spice blend to your meals or sip Organic Pitta Tea.

Balancing Pitta is essential in the summer months as Pitta governs all heat, metabolism and transformation in the mind and body.
Pitta governs the important digestive “Agnis” or fires of the body and i
t controls how we digest foods, how we metabolize our sensory perceptions and how we discriminate between right and wrong.

 Pitta Massage Oil 250ml 

You can balance Pitta easily with Organic Pitta Tea and Organic Pitta Spice Blend and by keeping cool, avoiding hot temperatures and spicy food. Keep regular mealtimes, especially at noon, allow for leisure time and don’t overwork,  favour cool, sweet, bitter and astringent foods. Sweet juicy fruit is particularly Pitta balancing at this time of the year.

Shop today to get your order delivered in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you from the team at Maharishi Ayurveda Products

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